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Real construction to 3D

We scan any building or construction with drones and converted into a 3D object, which we can then create an animation or even print in 3d.

Interactive QR presentation

Explanation of how the interactive system QR, in different types of business

Solución de movilidad Infographic

Aquí tienes una infografía creada para Mobity, imagen para impresión como en vídeo.

SAT-ON: Un completo sistema GMAO

Deje que SAT-ON le ayude con sus tareas diarias de planificación. SAT-ON se encargará de generar automáticamente todas las Ordenes de Trabajo de mantenimiento preventivo, al tiempo que también le ayudará en la gestión del mantenimiento correctivo

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New website and new project: Visual 3D

We are visual, video and sound designers. We create visionary ideas and transform them into real products by translating user demands, business needs and technical requirements into simple, engaging and delightful experiences.

During our time at several leading companies and at our freelance engagements, We are worked in many different areas on digital products and services. Our field of expertise spans enterprise video, video fx, visuals, design, layout, infographics, 3D and more.

We are currently based in Lleida, and we are available for profesional or freelance work. If you’d like to check out my portfolio or chat about projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

3DLogo Lleida drone project

Staging of a space or building "Lleidadrone" project and create 3D logo for the event.

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